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28.04.2014 15:07:43

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Is it possible to use one translation database (fsmdb) for multiple source files, where all source files have the same text to translate?

I'm using RC-WinTrans to translate exe- and dll-files with C#/WPF-code into different languages. At the moment I take the release exe as source and RC-WinTrans generates the necessary satellite exe. This works like a charm, but has one big disadvantage. I cannot use the same translation database for different sources.

For example I am using the release exe as source, but what about the debug exe? The debug exe has exactly the same text to translate and therefor could work with the same database. The same is true for different target platforms (I'm compiling for x86, Any CPU and sometimes for x64). Also the release directory is not always the same (if I use the same VS-project in different solutions).

So is there a way (preferable via commandline), to tell RC-WinTrans to translate these files all with the same database?
Something like rwtcmd /WriteAllTargetFiles "mytrans.rwtproject" /UseAsSource MyProject\bin\x64\Release\mySource.exe that I could call multiple times with different paths to mySource.exe.

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29.04.2014 11:33:51

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Hello Michael,
each one (build: debug, release, plaform) is a different file and cannot be taken as one and the same file -- also when the resources are identical.

To do:
You can add all files to one and the same translation project database (.fsmdb).
A selected text item to be translated will be listed as repetition (at least one time for each file).
In the Translation Edit Bar you need to edit/translated a text only once. Use "OK (n)" to save it for all repetitions at once.

Command line:
...then you can also use ยดrwtcmd /WruiteAllTargetFiles to create all target files at once.

You can use an RC-WinTrans dictionary or the RC-WinTrans TM Workbench to save translations and to reuse translations for other/further items (also in other projects).

Werner, Schaudin.com
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09.05.2014 14:51:57

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Thank you for the information Werner.
This is simply not possible, so I go the other direction and put all text in resx-Files.
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Home » RC-WinTrans Products: General Questions » One translation DB for multiple sources?

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