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Home » Known Issues » Windows 7: COM Object and Command Line Failed

Updates and information on reported issues for RC-WinTrans and RC-WinTrans Add-Ons (posted by Schaudin.com).
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13.02.2011 20:01:55

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Windows 7: Failure to create the RC-WinTrans application object and run the command line.


The RC-WinTrans (X8 or 9) application COM object cannot be created on Windows 7 and the command line tool ("rwtcmd.exe") cannot start RC-WinTrans to execute a command.

Operating system: Windows 7
RC-WinTrans Versions: X8, 9.0 and 9.1

The RC-WinTrans application (COM object) and RC-WinTrans type library are not registered in the Windows 7 registry. The registration fails while installing RC-WinTrans (setup). No installation error is reported.

The Windows compatibility mode "XP-mode" must be set for the RC-WinTrans executable file (.exe) and this file must be registered once again.
  • Step 1: Compatibility Mode

    - Set the compatibility mode "XP-mode" for the RC-WinTrans executable (.exe) file ("RCWinTrans9.exe" or "RWTX8.exe").
    See Image 1... and Image 2...

  • Step 2: Register RC-WinTrans

    - Start the Windows cmd (DOS prompt box) using "Run as administrator".
    See Image 3...

    - Move to the RC-WinTrans installation folder (here: Version 9)
    ...\RC-WinTrans\RC-WinTrans 9 Global\program\

    - Run the command "rcwintrans9.exe /register"
    See Image 4...
The CheckReg.exe tool can be used to check if the RC-WinTrans application and the RC-WinTrans type library is registered in the Windows registry.
Note: Only the RC-WinTrans Global Edition will be registered for COM automation. The Translator and Demo Editions will not be registered.

Run the Check Tool...
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Home » Known Issues » Windows 7: COM Object and Command Line Failed

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