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17.04.2015 10:43:10

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We have the WinTrans 10 professional, we just got it recently due to several issues we are having with Win Trans 9 and now I am running tests with it, but when writing target files does not write the ribbon, any part of it. Is there any configuration issue needed besides main installation or is there any added step to allow the writing on the ribbon in the target files. I do not have this issue with previous installation of Win Trans 9.


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21.04.2015 13:56:34

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Hello Daniel,

It is the target file path used for the target XML file.

Two reasons causing the problem..
1. you've opened a project on an other machine (on a server) and
2. your RC-WinTrans project (.rwtproject, .fsmdb) is not in a folder below the
destination file. This makes a "backward directory" (..\) is used in the path.

Example (target file path):

This (1 and 2) causing an error in the XML converter macro of RC-WinTrans.
Only XML files are affected. The problem exist also for RC-WinTrans 9.

Possible Workarounds:
1 . in the "Target File Name" dialog use a target path which does need to use a "backward directory" (..\") .
2. in the "Target Files" dialog use "Write selected as..." to create the translated XML file.

We have a fixed version of the XML converter macro.
File: "XMLConverter.macro"
Folder: .\RC-WinTrans\RC-WinTrans 10\VBAMacros\
Macro file version: "XML-2031 (April 2015)"

Support, Schaudin.com
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Error writing in ribbon with Win Trans 10

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