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For support issues and specific questions related to RC-WinTrans' use, features and functions.
20.07.2016 17:41:41

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Our Company just created a .NET-based application - it is the first time, so there isn't really much experience with internationalization best practices. I received the related .resx files and created a project.
Aside from strings tagged .text or .caption, there are several tagged .Hint - they will display a tooltip at runtime, and the parser keeps them visible but flags them as Type Unknown:

I am trying to export the list to Excel, but the .hint string don't get exported no matter how I try. Any suggestion? I really need to get them into the spreadsheets

Thank you
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20.07.2016 22:46:39

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The property type "Hint" is not known to RC-WinTrans as translatable string. See the "Type" column: "Unknown"

ToDo: Set "Hint" as of type "Text" or "Tooltip".
Use " Project" | "Custom .NET Properties ...". In the "Custom Types" dialog select "Hint" and set the "Resource tpye" as "tooltip". Ready.

Then a "Hint" property can be exported to Excel.

Support, Schaudin.com
edited by Support on 20.07.2016
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Not all strings exported to Excel

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