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04.03.2011 08:12:36

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In WPF it's possible to bind the text of controls to properties instead of typing the text directly into the xaml.
Something like this:
<MenuItem x:Uid="helpButton" Header="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}, Path=Command.Text}"
x:Name="helpButton" />

I think it would be better, if RCWinTrans would exclude such text from translation by default.
You could check for '{'.

If the translators modify this text, the program doesn't work anymore.
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04.03.2011 10:14:03

Posts: 228
Yes. You are right.

We've already done this for the next RC-WinTrans 9 update (end of March 2011).

― Support, Schaudin.com
edited by Support on 04.03.2011
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Home » Feature Requests and Suggestions » Databinding in WPF

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