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17.03.2011 12:58:55

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Hello! I tried WinTrans 9.1 Demo and found out that there is one feature that I actually need in my work but it is still unavailable as I see. If I am mistaken, please correct.

When importing some strings from Excel I sometimes need the Source to be excluded. That means when we have Source, Active Target and Target, we can set the Active Target column (e.g., English) as Main Resource and then the data will be imported to Target according to 2 kinda "Source" columns. And what I actually need is to exclude the Source column: to have Main Resource (as a source) and Target (as a target).

Source - en, Active Target - ru, Target - es.
Excel, 2 source languages:
Source - en, Main Resource name - ru, Target - es
Excel, no Source:
<skip>, Main Resource name - ru, Target - es

Is that possible?
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21.03.2011 00:08:04

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Hello lakuda!

The operation was designed with the requirement that the Excel spreadsheet contains the same source language as the source language in the RC-WinTrans translation project.

Checking this with your sample, I found it works when the Excel sheet contains Russian (ru) and Spanish (es) but not the English (en) source language. I was able to make it work using a trick in the Export Assistant. I will post a description of it here shortly for you to verify.

FYI: We already have plans to remake the import/export function for Excel by the end of this year. I think it is a good idea to eliminate the source language requirement- maybe just one (target) language and the resource names (IDs).

-- Support, Schaudin.com
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Home » Feature Requests and Suggestions » Importing data from Excel

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