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25.04.2011 09:35:09

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I'm still using RC-WinTrans 8, going to upgrade it to the 9th version. And I'm testing the 9th demo-version. In both versions I come across one and the same problem - working with wxl-files and generating target wxl's, for example, in Korean, I can't change encoding and that's why all targets are written with "???" signs instead of Korean. Is there already any solution to this problem? Or maybe I'm missing something..
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24.06.2013 21:31:20

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Hello Scott,

adding this line with the attribute "rwt:attributeTU_Codepage" is what needs to be done to make the 'Codepage' attribute localizable.

We have also added this to our "XMLParser-WixLocalization.xsl" stylesheet. In addition the third WixLocalization attribute "Language" can now be localized as well.
The updated stylesheet will be available in RC-WinTrans 9.3 to be released at the end of June 2013.

Support, Schaudin.com
edited by Support on 02.07.2013
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