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For support issues and specific questions related to RC-WinTrans' use, features and functions.
06.06.2011 09:01:10

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Hello! Please let me know what's the difference between Traditional Chinese for Win32 and for .Net except for their code names. If I have .dll files of these 2 different types in 1 project, which language code to choose?
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06.06.2011 21:51:56

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Hallo lakuda,

the difference is the culture name (used for the translated target file).
It is important that the culture name be the correct one for a translated .NET satellite DLL (created by RC-WinTrans for a .NET assembly).

If your DLLs are .NET assemblies, or .RESX files, use "Chinese Traditional (.NET). Culture name: "zh-CHT".
If your DLLs are Win32 DLLs use "Chinese Traditional (Win32)". Usually it doesn't matter for Win32 DLLs.

Generally it only belongs to the translated target file. It does not have any effect on the translation task or the translation text itself.
edited by Support on 15.06.2011
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Traditional Chinese

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