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For support issues and specific questions related to RC-WinTrans' use, features and functions.
06.03.2013 09:25:35

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Hello! When opening a project we suddenly see that the database is empty - no strings are visible and the following error is received:

Error: -2146824579 Msg: Unknown error 0x800A0E7D Description: Невозможно использование подключения для выполнения операции. Оно закрыто или не допускается в данном контексте. (Translation: Failed to use connection to perform operation. It is either closed or impossible in the present context.)
COpenXLIFFFilesystemDBbased::Init: Data file could not be extracted from database! Language: "en"; File: "..."
Error (305): The data file (DOM) could not be loaded: "en."
Database access error.

We don't need to restore the database but we'd like to know what to do for this not to happen again. Can it happen because of the Windows version? On our PC, XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3 is installed. Free disk space is enough - more than 10 Gb. And we never receive the same error on Windows 7. Please advise what the reason is and what to do.
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Empty database

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