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13.04.2011 09:49:35
Target languages?

Hello Dorte,

Just a hint in case it helps at some stage...
I remember having an issue in a project in Russian and Polish with the resizing of our dialogs: what we were seeing in the editor was not matching the final result after compiling the resources files in Visual Studio. In our case, we were able to solve this by changing the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to Russian in the "Regional Settings" control panel BEFORE generating the RC files in RC-Wintrans. It doesn't mean that you will face the same issue, as I believe it was related to the specific nature of our project, but I wanted to share this hint in case it can help.

LocalVersion, S.L.

DorteJ wrote:
We are considering using WinTrans to translate (from English) to Russian and to Arabic - are there any current issues related to language support for double-byte and RTL-languages?
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