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25.10.2012 10:37:20
Command Line not works on Windows 7

Hello schaudin team,

the suggested solution works on windows 7 32bit but does not work on windows 7 64bit (Tested on serveral machine, has nothing to do with side by side installation rc-wintrans 7) The interesting thing is that the regcheck tool seems to be happy with the installation: Application Object and Type Library are found, at least the way the test tool looks for them.

Trying to create the IDualRWTAppPtr Application Object

[font=Consolas]IDualRWTAppPtr spApplication;
hRef = spApplication.CreateInstance(L"RC-WinTrans.Application");

leads to "Server Execution failed" Error 0x80080005

Neither RC-WinTrans.Application are registered within HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT nor the associated CLSID {06CD89C8-AE90-469D-892E-2F9E41236B7A}
It seems as if the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT stays absolutly untouched while manually trying to register the com automation stuff as mentioned within http://www.schaudin.com/forum_srv/topic24-windows-7-com-object-and-command-line-failed.aspx

Using current RC-WinTrans 9.2 Global (April 2012)

Help appreciated

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