Machine Translation Add-On Machine Translation Add-On

Detailed product information:
The Machine Translation Add-On extends RC-WinTrans' functionality with access to machine translations via the Internet. The add-on connects with the Google™ Translate and Microsoft® Translator online machine translation systems to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans.

The Machine Translation window

The interface for the add-on is the Machine Translation window. When opened, the MT window will take the source text of a selected item and automatically display it along with the translation returned by the selected machine translation system. Both the Google and Microsoft MT systems support dozens of different languages where any one can be used as the source or the target language when searching for a translation. The required language pair is automatically selected by RC-WinTrans.

In addition to finding and displaying translations, the Machine Translation Add-On:
  • acts like an integrated RC-WinTrans dictionary.
  • copies and saves translation suggestions to RC-WinTrans.
  • can be used for automatic translation (single item or entire translation project)
  • features automatic text correction for frequently returned errors.
Details of the MT Add-On's components, use and functionality are documented in the online help system.

Excel Add-On MS Excel Import/Export Add-On

Detailed product information:
NEW IN 2010: Command line support for the import/export operations added to the MS Excel Import/Export Add-On.

The MS Excel Import/Export Add-On for RC-WinTrans (Versions X8 and 9) extends the application's capabilities to export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (file extension: .xls) and import text data from this same file type into an RC-WinTrans translation project. Several options can be specified to determine which data will be imported or exported.

The Excel Import/Export Add-On adds two dialog boxes to the RC-WinTrans user interface. These are the Import from Excel dialog box and the Export to Excel dialog box. The add-on also provides three VBA (MS Visual Basic for Applications) functions for process automation that can be used to import and export data from/to an Excel spreadsheet. These three functions are "pure" (i.e., no use of dialogs or message boxes) automation functions that can be used independently from the user interface.

Exported data can be the data of the selected items, of the active file, or of the entire translation project. The data can be exported to a new Excel spreadsheet or appended to an existing one.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing data exported by RC-WinTrans.

In contrast to the Excel import/export functions supplied by the RC-WinTrans application, the add-on exports a fixed set of data/columns (see: Export to Excel dialog box); using the original (primary) functions prompts the Import/Export Assistant to specify the columns data to be imported/exported. The procedure for importing and exporting is more direct, faster and easier with the Excel Add-On. Furthermore, the add-on lets you determine whether the import/export operations will be performed for currently selected items, for the active project file, or for data of the entire translation project (all files at once). The primary RC-WinTrans import/export functions are only applied to items that are selected in the Project window's Text Table view.

Another difference between the two import/export solutions is that the add-on can only export the data of the active source and target languages whereas the primary function allows for the export of multiple target languages at once. In both solutions the import operation only works for the active source and target languages (not for several languages at once).

Details of the Excel Add-On's components, use and functionality are documented in the online help system.