The most common questions regarding the differences between the various versions of RC-WinTrans are answered here.

RC-WinTrans 7

Version 7, first released in 2002, has continued to be a popular choice for localizing binary Win32 EXE files and RC files for Microsoft MFC applications as well as .NET (1.1/2.0) software. It is still sold and serviced today, primarily for the following reasons:
  1. A low learning curve and high rate of success has kept the product in demand.
  2. Very improved, robust and right for Microsft Win32 EXE/DLL and RC MFC files.
  3. A new type of database storage used in subsequent versions (X8/9) makes updating something Version 7 users
    should be able to do at their convenience and on their own timetable.

A new Version 7.5 will be released in 2010 to accommodate the newer Windows 7 operating system.

RC-WinTrans X8

Version X8, first released in 2005, has been replaced by Version 9 as our primary product line.

Except for a few improvements and additions, Version 9 will initially be identical to the current RC-WinTrans X8, which is no longer being sold but will continue to be serviced as required. New features, including some that have been suggested by our customers, will be implemented for and available exclusively in RC-WinTrans 9, leading to greater distinctions between it and X8 over time.

X8 license holders will still have access to support and routine service releases. Updates to Version 9 are available for free for licenses acquired in 2009 or January 2010; Version 9 is available for all other X8 licenses at a special update price.

New: RC-WinTrans 9

The most recent version of RC-WinTrans features all the latest changes and additions to the tool. It replaces Version 8 as our primary software localization product line.

Initially the differences between Version 9 and RC-WinTrans X8 will be minimal. As the main focus of our development and support efforts, new features, including some that have been suggested by our customers, will be implemented for and available exclusively in RC-WinTrans 9.

Version 9 has the same internal structure and the same GUI as RC-WinTrans X8, which means the two versions are fully compatible- an X8 translation project can be opened and edited with Version 9 and vice versa. It is not compatible with RC-WinTrans Versions 7 and earlier.

For a list of features unique to Version 9 see the RC-WinTrans 9 product info page.

Compatibility (Versions 7 and 9)

RC-WinTrans X8 and 9 diverge from previous versions (7 and earlier) with a different method of storing project data and a system design providing an advanced level of support and customizability. For this reason translation projects from Versions 8 and 9 cannot be used interchangably with projects created by an older version (4 – 7).

Data from an RC-WinTrans 7 translation project database (.mdb, .tdb, .edb and .xdb) can be imported into a Version 9 project using the “data migration” command. Version 7 projects cannot be used directly in RC-WinTrans 9.

Primary Differences Between RC-WinTrans Versions 7 – 9

In terms of use and functionality, various differences exist between Versions 7 and 9 of RC-WinTrans. The major distinctions for purposes of purchase and use are listed below:

  — different (and incompatible) project databases
  — number of supported file types
  — integrated Microsoft VBA
  — GUI and usage
  — COM interface and command line commands

A feature/functionality comparison of Versions 7 and 9 can be found in the RC-WinTrans Feature Chart.