RC-WinTrans 7

RC-WinTrans 7 Editions

RC-WinTrans 7 is the predecessor version to RC-WinTrans X8. Professional software localization environment for localizing the graphical user interface (GUI) of Microsoft Windows Win32 and .NET Windows Forms software to multiple-language software. It features easy navigation and everything you need for translating / localizing text, menus, dialog boxes/Windows Forms, accelerator keys, version info (Win32), and image resources.

RC-WinTrans 7 supports all languages including Asian and bi-directional languages (Arabic and Hebrew).

Available Editions are:
  • RC-WinTrans 7 Professional Edition
    The Professional Edition is the fully-equipped RC-WinTrans software localization environment including samples for developing RC-WinTrans automation clients and RC-WinTrans add-ins.
  • RC-WinTrans 7 Translator's Group License
    The Translator's Edition is for translators who do not need full functionality. It includes all the same features as the Professional Edition except:
    • Does not write localized target files (Win32).
    • Does not create .NET translation projects (translation database files).
    • No item locking (lock/unlock).
    • No command line processing.
The Translator's Edition is included in the Translator's Group License package. A single copy (for non-holders of the Translator's Group License) is available upon request only.
The Translator's Edition can be copied and installed without limitations for RC-WinTrans Translator's Group License holders.

Product Information

RC-WinTrans is user-friendly and intuitive and includes powerful localization functionality such as:
  • .NET Windows Forms
    Support for all C# and Visual Basic resource file types of XML files (RESX), binary resource files (RESOURCES), and text-only files (TXT).
    Creation of localized satellite DLLs for Windows Forms applications (EXE) and control library files (DLL).
  • Win32 Resources
    Long-term improved support for visual localization of resource script files (RC), binary executable, and library files (EXE, DLL, OCX).
    Further support for Windows INI files, InstallShield string files (SHL), and Java properties files (PROPERTIES).
  • Context Viewer and Layout Editor
    RC-WinTrans has context viewers for Win32 dialog boxes, .NET Windows Forms, and menu resources that let the user see and translate/localize in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment.
    A fully-equipped layout editor for Win32 dialog boxes lets the user adjust the control elements to the requirements of a target language.
    Flip function for MidEast styles (Arabic and Hebrew).
    RC-WinTrans can be used in conjunction with the MS Resource Localization Editor to edit the layout of .NET Windows Forms.
  • ActiveX Scripting
    Easy-to-use scripting function with VBScript or JScript.
    Ready-to-use RC-WinTrans environment scripting objects plus use of ActiveX controls as utility add-ins (custom-made or provided by Schaudin.com).
  • OLE Automation Interface
    RC-WinTrans OLE automation interface for using RC-WinTrans as an automation server.
  • ActiveX Controls
    Unique support for localizing the properties of ActiveX controls embedded (binary data) in dialog box resources (Win32).
  • Import and Export Functions
    Text data import and export for text files, TMX files, and MS Excel.
  • Glossaries
    Glossary-supported translation plus glossary expansion during translation.
  • Trados™ Translator's Workbench
    Extended built-in support for Trados™ translation memories with translation data usage and data exchange similar to using an internal translation memory.
  • Source Files Change Control
    Change control with translation database update when the source file has been changed. Indication to the translator of changed source text.
Support and Maintenance

The RC-WinTrans 7 product line has been very popular and has served many of our customers well over the years. We understand that the process of switching over to RC-WinTrans X8 can be a considerable undertaking. For this reason support and maintenence for RC-WinTrans 7 will be ongoing and copies of the software can also be acquired for persons working with companies that use Version 7.

In time we hope to be able to better serve all of our customers with the new RC-WinTrans X8. Until then we will continue to support your needs in whatever way we can.