RC-WinTrans 9 RC-WinTrans is a software localization tool for Windows software files such as Win32, Microsoft .NET, WPF, Java, and others. For more than 15 years diverse companies around the world have trusted RC-WinTrans to produce quality localized versions of their software. The latest generation of RC-WinTrans is Version 9, available in the editions listed below.

Editions / Licenses

RC-WinTrans 9 Global
The Global Edition is the complete RC-WinTrans localization environment intended for use by a single user at a designated workstation. All of RC-WinTrans’ project management, translation and quality assurance features are available for localizing any number of software files, quickly, easily and efficiently.

RC-WinTrans 9 Translator
The Translator Edition offers the same localization environment for RC-WinTrans translation projects that have first been created with the Global Edition, making it ideal for use by translators with whom data must be exchanged. It has only two restrictions on use: a new translation project cannot be created with the Translator Edition, nor is it possible to add or remove files from an existing project. The Translator Edition is also a single-user license intended for use at a designated workstation.

Translator Group License
The Translator Group License is designed to accommodate companies that use a number of internal or external translators in their business. It supplies one single-user license of the Global Edition to address project management needs and one multi-user license of the Translator Edition which allows it to be distributed to as many different translators as is required.

Essentially this is a licensing package sold as an alternative to purchasing multiple copies of the RC-WinTrans Global Edition. A company may purchase additional copies of the single-user-licensed Global Edition for users who require full functionality. We offer additional Global Edition licenses at a comparatively lower price for holders of the Translator Group License.


RC-Win Trans is available as a download-only purchase (no materials sent) and as a package containing the following items:
  • CD-ROM
  • Product and licensing information