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25.10.2016 13:34:55

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When I run a hotkey check on any project, it reports a long list of doubled hotkeys, but when I click on them they are empty. Occasionally I get one that really is doubled, so I have to click through the whole list each time and it's very time-consuming.
I assume the empty ones are doubled hotkeys I have corrected in the past, although I'm not sure.
Please could you tell me if you have any idea why this is happening and if there is a workaround?


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31.10.2016 12:07:06

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Hello Pascale,

for a double hotkey it is always the first concerned menu item which is not reported/listed to the "Check Results" tab view. It is a bug.
So: If there are e.g. three (3) menu items (at one level) with the same hotkey, then (only) two (2) will be reported (skipping the first item).
But: In the "Menu View" there are all (here: 3) the three indicated as having the same hotkey. Note: The indicator (icon with a small number beside) has the same number for all the three items, indicating that these three are concerned. The menu view shows all items as having double hotkey.

It will be fixed for the next service release of RC-WinTrans (next to build 10.4.2.x).

Thank you very much for reporting this.

Support, Schaudin.com
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Hot key check falsely reporting doubled hotkeys

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