RC-WinTrans 10

Software Localizer / ソフトウェア ロカライザー

New Version 11.5 released in March 2021.
What's New...

RC-WinTrans is a software localization tool for Windows software files such as Win32, Microsoft .NET, WPF, Java, XML and more. Primary qualities include: organizational features that simplify work with multiple files, multiple projects and multiple translators; specialized checks and data views that address the unique circumstances of software localization and eliminate unnecessary errors; integrated use of dictionaries and translation memories that support the translation process; automated processes facilitating the localization process overall. RC-WinTrans also comes fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to allow for customization.

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TM Workbench

Translation Memory (TM) Workbench Add-On

The TM Workbench Add-On extends RC-WinTrans' functionality with access to a translation memory (TM) file (.sdltm) from SDL Trados. The add-on connects with an SDL Trados TM to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans. With the TM Workbench a selected TM can also be expanded with new entries and updated by modifying or deleting texts.

Opened in its own window outside the main RC-WinTrans application, the TM Workbench has multiple display panels, including one listing the TM's contents, another listing the results of a search, and two more comparing translation units (source and target texts) in the TM and in RC-WinTrans.

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Machine Translation Add-On

Machine Translator Add-On

This add-on extends the functionality of RC-WinTrans with access to machine translations via the Internet. The add-on connects with the Google™ Translate and Microsoft® Translator online machine translation systems to quickly and easily supply a translator with machine-generated translations while working with RC-WinTrans.

Both the Google and Microsoft MT systems support dozens of languages where any one can be used as the source or the target language. The required language pair is automatically selected by RC-WinTrans.

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