RC-WinTrans 11.5

Includes a FREE RC-WinTrans QuickShip Edition and the TM Workbench Add-On, just two of the powerful features found in the current RC-WinTrans 11 software localization environment.  Details....

Current Version: RC-WinTrans 11.5 (Build
Release Date: March 2021

RC-WinTrans 11
RC-WinTrans is a trusted software localization tool for Windows Win32/MFC, Microsoft .NET, WPF, XML, Java, JSON and further file types...

RC-WinTrans 11 is our best, most comprehensive software localization solution to date. Equipped with a wealth of tools and resources, Version 11 has everything you need to efficiently and accurately translate software files: support for dictionaries and translation memories, data exchange, changes control, contextual displays and previews, check functions and more. The new RC-WinTrans QuickShip Edition- available in 11 different languages- makes translation work distribution faster, easier, more cost-efficient and accessible for all users.

>> Download the demo version of RC-WinTrans...


  Translation Memory
RC-WinTrans TM Workbench 3.1:
Create and use translation memories, search and maintain their contents (supports SDL Trados (.sdltm) translation memories)...

  Machine Translation               
Machine Translator 5.1:
Get translations from the Internet with the RC-WinTrans Machine Translator. The 2019 Version 5.0 release has been newly made to improve handling and ease of use...

Offers access to the machine translaton services from
   Google, Microsoft and DeepL Pro.