Current Version: RC-WinTrans 11.3
Release Date: January 2019

RC-WinTrans 11
RC-WinTrans is a trusted software localization tool for Windows Win32/MFC, Microsoft .NET, WPF, XML, Java and custom file types.

RC-WinTrans 11 is our best, most comprehensive software localization solution to date. Equipped with a wealth of tools and resources, Version 11 has everything you need to efficiently and accurately translate software files: support for dictionaries and translation memories, data exchange, changes control, contextual displays and previews, check functions and more. The new RC-WinTrans QuickShip Edition- available in 11 different languages- makes translation work distribution faster, easier, more cost-efficient and accessible for all users.

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  Translation Memories & Dictionaries
RC-WinTrans TM Workbench:
Access translation memory files (.sdltm) from SDL Trados and RC-WinTrans dictionaries to maintain their contents and to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans.

  Machine Translation
Google Translate & Microsoft Translator:
Get translations from the Internet with the Machine Translator Add-On for RC-WinTrans. The January 2019 release (Version 5.0) has been newly made for RC-WinTrans 11.3.

Each purchase of the RC-WinTrans 11 Professional or Translator Edition comes with two RC-WinTrans Add-Ons to use at no additional charge:

     +  "Translation Memory (TM) Workbench"
       +  "Machine Translation" (using Google and Microsoft)